Thermal Imager, SAFRAN, SAGEM France

Multifunctional Infrared Binocular (JIM LR) & Thermal Imager

Infrared technology is most important due to limitations of I2 (Image intensification) technology. Thanks to Infrared technology we can handle most difficult situation both in day and night. Multifunctional Infrared Binocular combines all the necessary functions of modern warfare in a single light unit. This includes day and Thermal Imager , a Laser Range Finder, a laser pointer, GPS localization and a Digital Magnetic Compass. It is also ideal for security missions, such as border and coastal surveillance.

 Thermal Weapon Sights

Thermal Weapon Sights is a new generation which is lightweight and compact, optimizing firing capabilities for assault rifles day and night in all combat environments. Thermal Weapon Sights are easy to use, integrating a remote control and quick access to essential functions. SWORD Light easily engages targets in urban combat areas thanks to its red dot sight (optional) and its low-magnification wide-field thermal channel.

 Thermal Imager Pocket Scope

Thermal Imager Pocket Scope is a technology which allows detection of human activities up to 1,200m away. It’s a dedicated product for public safety and security operations: infrastructure surveillance, homeland security, law enforcement, and policing, firefighting and environmental missions.

 Multipurpose Target Locator (MOSKITO TI):

New products/ new technologies from Vectronix Switzerland for International user including Indian Defence Forces. MOSKITO TI is a “Multi Function” Monocular with Day Channel, Thermal Channel as well as Low Light Camera Channel (LLCMOS) and having capability to Range, to give Azimuth, to provide Target coordinates, even to interface with GPS.

Sword Light:




Thermal Imager Pocket Scope:



It had Nine in One functions:

  • Optical day viewing mode
  • Low Light Imager(Low light or poor visibility ) viewing mode
  • Thermal Imager(In night) viewing mode
  • Recording, Editing and live streaming capabilities
  • Modular GPS with option of integrating military GPS onboard
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Laser pointer
  • Digital Magnetic Compass
  • Low power consumption sensor

Magnification:  6X

  • Optics TI:  Sensor Resolution, VGA, 640 x 480 pixels
  • Optics Low Light CMOS: SXGA, 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Rangefinder (Distance): 1550 nm, class 1 eye safe per, IEC 60825-1 Ed 2.0 (2007-03)
  • Digital Magnetic Compass: Azimuth accuracy, ± 10 mil / ± 0.6°
  • Laser Pointer (Optional): Lasertype, 840 nm, class 1 eye-safe per IEC 60825-1, Ed 2.0 (2007-03), ANSI Z 136.1 (2007)
  • GPS Receiver (Optional) NAVSTAR GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, military GPS

Technical Specifications are subject to change. For up to date specifications please contact