Seal Gap Measuring System, Inora, USA

Seal Gap Measuring System, Inora USA is a breakthrough in gap measurement technology that eliminates clumsy feeler gauges, clay, calipers, mechanical gauges and thumbscrews for checking seals or gaps. Combining state-of-the-art wireless capability with a uniquely flexible and robust sensor design. Seal Gap Measuring System reduces cost at every step-from new car launches to everyday quality control.

The Spatial Reference System (SRS) from Inora, USA is the next level in machine verification technology, powered by next generation Math Engine Software.

Inora’s customers enjoy 99.999% accuracy vs. 68% confidence levels of traditional methods such as Ball Bar Measuring method (2 Machined Spheres attached to a precisely manufactured Bar).

This technological leap boosts manufacturers savings in: downtime, scrap, rework, man-hours and capital investment upon implementation of the Inora SRS.

INORA SRS (Spatial Reference System) can save your company time and money in the following ways:

  • Reduces Scrap & Rework
  • Reduces Machine Downtime
  • Stabilizes Production Process
  • Determines Fault Sources
  • Verifies Supplier Capabilities
  • Verifies New Equipment
  • Optimizes Calibration Schedules

The WiseGap 2.4 wireless Seal Gap Measuring System increases: flexibility, measurement accuracy and saves time.With just one system it is possible to measure the primary and/or secondary seal gap on the: door,tailgate,hood & deck-lid of all car models.The system can also be expanded to any number of sensors.

By investing in the Inora WiseGap 2.4, Automotive & Aerospace Manufacturers will gain: time savings, decreased scrap & rework and increased customer satisfaction through improved seal gap control.

WiseGap 2.4 is robust and repeatable and can be used in multiple areas including: R&D, pre-production, BIW, paint, quality lab, etc. and can take both static and dynamic measurements in real time.

WiseGap 2.4 Software is user-friendly with graphical feedback in all modes: part view (shown left), real-time adjustment (shown right), and high speed dynamic. Data can then be reported or exported using the many existing & custom options.