3D White Light/ Blue Light Scanner

AICON 3D Systems, Germany is specialized in 3D digitization and measuring systems operate on the basis of a patented miniaturized projection technique. Using this contact-free optical scanning technology, even very complex surface structures are captured at a high-level of speed and accuracy. Our 3D white light scanners ensure an effective and affordable measuring performance, e.g. for applications in quality control and reverse engineering, but also in medical technology and for measurements of the human body, as well as for arts and cultural heritage.

Stero Scan

3D Metrology at the highest level

  • Measurement of the most delicate structures or minutest deviations at a maximum level of accuracy
  • Connection to a turntable or robot for automated scanning processes
  • Asymmetrical positioning of the cameras ensures optimum flexibility and reliability, even of object areas which are very difficult to access
  • Application areas: Quality control, first sample inspection, digitization of design models, tools and molds as well as inspection and measurement of free-form surfaces, comparison to CAD data or reference objects, Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering.

Smart Scan

Compact, mobile 3D Scanner

  • Measuring objects are digitized within a matter of seconds irrespective of their size and complexity and are subsequently available as high precision, three-dimensional data sets for further processing
  • Technical applications: Inspection and quality control, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, documentation and 3D modeling
  • Further applications: 3D scanning projects in education and research, digital archiving of artwork or archaeological findings on-site

d- Station

The system for small scanning objects

  • Fully automated 3D digitization of small articles of any kind (up to a maximum weight of 2 kg)
  • Application areas in dental technology: Scanning of models for the production of individual, precisely fitting dental prosthesis constructions such as crowns, bridges, inlays or onlays
  • Further application areas: Analysis of masticatory surfaces, ear impressions, plastic parts, jewelry and gemstones, coins or archaeological findings