Articulated Arm, Hexagon Metrology, USA

ROMER Absolute Arm is absolutely advanced. Drawing inspiration and resources from the entire Hexagon Metro-logy product family and all ROMER arms that came before, the ROMER Absolute Arm has been redesigned to ensure the ultimate user experience. A new ergonomic wrist is the first to be designed around the complex contours of the human hand. Sensory feedback enables users to take measurements in even the most challenging shop environments.

The ROMER Absolute Arm is still the easiest and fastest to use PCMM with integrated laser scanner in the industry. Intelligent Quick Change Probes require no special tools or re-calibration after probe changes. Absolute encoders "know" where the arm is at all times, eliminating the need for complex homing procedures. A thermally stable dual carbon fiber tube construction does not lock up when temperatures change.

Various models of Articulated Arms are available.