Precision Light Screen, HPI

For proving weapons interior, exterior and terminal parameters are important. One of the most important parameter for exterior ballistic is velocity. Geo Informatics Consultants Pvt Ltd provides the Precision Light Screen of HPI for determining of projectile velocities in India.

The determination of projectile velocities (v) by measuring the time (t) between two Sensors (start-stop) of a given distance is an accepted and tested method. Hence the accuracy of the projectile velocity to be recorded primarily depends on the Sensors. Furthermore an exact trigger level is essential. Irrespective of the type of projectile, its slope or velocity.

Influences such as interferences or shock waves which may affect the trigger point could cause measuring errors, must also be eliminated. The highest achievable accuracy, reliability, flexibility were the main criteria for developing this new Light Screen. Based on decades of experience this task could be achieved successfully.

Precision Light Screen is from HPI, Austria. It is extremely accurate and simple to operate. It is used for following purpose:

  • Measure subsonic & supersonic ranges.
  • To measure the individual shots and bursts of firing.
  • To measure shotgun ammunition (with reduced measuring base).