Photogrammetry System, AICON, Germany

Photogrammetry System from AICON 3D Systems, Germany brings together a wide range of portable coordinate measuring machines that work with a digital camera for data collection. MoveInspect Technology covers a wide area of application and will measure parts from a few millimeters up to many meters in size. Dynamic processes can be acquired with a resolution of 1000Hz during an unlimited period of time.  And as all components are portable, you can always measure right on-site.

 3D Coordinate measurement with hand-held digital camera

  • measures objects of any size (from small components to whole airplanes) right on-site
  • typical applications: deformation analysis, tolerance analysis, fixture measurement, CAD comparison
  • application also under extreme conditions (e.g. in climate chambers or in areas where movement is restricted)

Photogrammetry System:

  • Measureable Object Size: From 0, 10m
  • Digital Camera: NIKON D800 with 28mm AICON metric lens
  • Illumination: White Light Flash
  • Storage Time: 5 images per second
  • Measurement Accuracy: 2µm + 5µm/ m (RMS), 3µm + 7µm/ m, (3 Sigma)

Technical Specifications are subject to change. For up to date specifications please contact