Optical Target System, HPI

For proving weapons interior, exterior and terminal parameters are important. One of the most important parameter for terminal ballistic is accuracy, consistency and terminal velocity. Geo Informatics Consultants provides Optical Target Measuring System of HPI in India for quality control, acceptance tests and used in the  calibre range from 4 to 20 mm  (40 mm Low Velocity) in R&D.

Optical Target Measuring System (B590) from HPI, Austria is a precise instrument for measuring the projectile X and Y-coordinates of individual shots and fire bursts. It is specially designed for indoor shooting ranges, but can also be used outdoors in covered facilities in dry conditions.

This is also called frameless target.

For small calibers there is another optical target based on frames with a start and end. This target can also measure terminal velocity in addition to position accuracy at consistency.

Frameless Target (B590):


Optical Target for Small & Medium Caliber (B571):


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