Night Vision Device

Night vision devices from Vectronix AG, Switzerland give the user working in darkness reliable information on his environment and therefore certainty in his decisions and actions.

Image Intensification based Night vision is purely based on tube. Vectronix AG, Switzerland uses high quality tubes XD4, XR5 or even ONYX (White tubes instead of conventional green). Selection of tube is very much possible.

The family concept of Vectronix night vision devices ensures interchangeability of components and accessories. It gives users the advantages of interoperability and simpler logistics. The BIG/BIM ranges of products meet all relevant MIL-STD specifications. They are maintenance-free, an important factor in their favourably low total life cycle costs.

Night Vision Devices is from Vectronix AG, Switzerland is very compact and immediately ready to use in a simple one-hand operation. It is specially used for following purpose:

  • Border surveillance
  • Patrols
  • Law enforcement
  • Surveillance of security areas
  • Special Forces operations
  • Search and rescue

BIG 25:


BIG 35:


Tarsius 18:

Optics:Magnification, 1x, Field of View, 42°, Limit of resolution > 1.2 lp / mrad (high contrast USAF target at infinity, depending on the I2 tube used

Image Intensifier Tube:Available make and models, Photonis SuperGen FOM > 918

Power Supply:Lithium Battery, CR123 ~ 50 h @ 20°C

Technical Specifications are subject to change. For up to date specifications please contact