In-line Inspection, LMI Technologies, Canada

Gocator - (The Smartest All-In-One 3D Sensors On The Planet)

Gocator 3D Smart Sensors from LMI Technology are trusted worldwide for inline/online inspection of parts in various industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, PCB, Mobile Phone manufacturing, packaging industry etc. Combining 3D scanning, measurement and control in a single device - with no external PCs or controllers required - Gocator is a powerfully effective all-in-one sensor that easily fits into any inspection system and reduces cost and complexity on the factory floor.

Gocator performs 3D scan, measurement and control functions within the sensor itself. This signature all-in-one automation technology makes its capable of exceptional performance across a wide variety of non-contact, in-line inspection applications. Gocator sensor comes factory pre-calibrated to deliver 3D scanning and 3D inspection results out-of-the-box.

Gocator's advanced 3D measurement technology quickly measures critical object dimensions and automatically executes pass/fail controls.


All Gocator 3D Smart Sensors are factory pre-calibrated so technicians can simply connect a computer to the sensor, open a web browser and configure the necessary sensor functions such as exposure, triggering logic and communication method. Once setup is complete, Gocator provides high-speed, micron level measurement and controls that can automatically identify and execute pass/fail decisions on stringent part tolerance requirements.

Features of Gocator

  • 3D acquisition device.
  • Built in measurement tools.
  • Measures in microns.
  • More than 20 different models available.
  • Scan small parts to large parts.
  • Open source SDK.
  • Designed for online quality control and process optimization