High Precision Surface Metrology, LMI Technologies, Canada

MIKROCAD: The Original Sub-Micron 3D Scanner

LMI's MikroCAD 3D scanner is the first 3D surface metrology system ever to use structured light fringe projection profilometry to achieve sub-micron level detail of surface micro-textures and generate complete 3D surface scans in just seconds.

Using MikroCAD, automotive quality control experts can acquire critical part surface information in a clean and efficient manner. Technicians use MikroCAD to scan with stunning resolution, analyze with industry standard measurement tools and report with highly effective 3D visualizations.

MikroCAD technology appears in CMM machines as noncontact scanning probes, cutting tool inspection systems, process control lines to monitor key material properties as well as traditional lab-based instrumentation.

Application of MikroCAD

  • ƒMeasure surface roughness and surface structures.
  • ƒMeasure evenness/flatness on large surface areas.
  • ƒMeasure surface wear.
  • ƒImprove fibre-level manufacturing processes.
  • ƒAnalyze edges of tools such as gears, cutting tools, etc.
  • ƒReverse-engineer functional surfaces.