Gap and Flush Measuring System, Third Dimension, UK

The GapGun is a laser Gage, Gap and Flush Measuring System, profile measurement system that quickly and accurately quantifies local features such as gap and flush, step, weld and mismatch, radii, scratches, seals, dents, rivets and fasteners. It is a proven technology, used worldwide by most major automotive and aerospace OEMs.

The GapGun takes conventional laser scanning a step further by not only scanning a surface to record its shape, but also automatically analyzing the information to pick out specific dimensions (gap, flush, angle, etc) and then comparing these against tolerance bands. The measured data is then recorded for statistical process control or trace-ability purposes.

Providing a fully auditable trail of every single product that is measured, GapGun removes risk by proving the quality of manufacture and in turn providing significant time and cost savings for our customers.

 GapGun Pro

GapGun Pro System has following capability:

  • Ultra fast measurement capability
  • Unrivalled connectivity options
  • Best user interface on the market
  • Robust construction
  • High resolution & precision measurement capability
  • Completely portable for operator flexibility


GapGun Pro:

  • gap-flush-measuring-system-tech-01Super High Resolution: 3 micron/ 7mm wide gap
  • High Resolution: 11 micron/ 15mm wide gap
  • Standard: 24 micron/ 40mm wide gap
  • Wide Angle: 40 micron/ 80mm wide gap

Technical Specifications are subject to change. For up to date specifications please contact