Doppler Radar, Infinition, Canada

Velocity of the projectile is a important parameter both proving weapon as well as ammunition. Doppler Radar is becoming very effective, accurate and portable for both inside and outside trials.

Doppler processing technology developed by Infinition Inc. Doppler processing was entirely done digitally using the Fast Fourier Transform, which was providing substantial radar sensitivity improvement over the old analog zero crossing technique. The Infinition software was running on standard Windows based PC workstations, eliminating the need for the old generation analog processing electronics

 Muzzle Velocity Doppler radar

Muzzle Velocity Doppler Radar is from Infinition Inc., Canada is well suited for interior ballistic ranges where very short range measurements are performed. It can also be used outside for short range measurement up to 250 meters (and more), depending on projectile caliber. It is not only for measuring the velocity at the gun muzzle but also powerful enough to measure at medium range depending on the caliber. (Short to medium range velocity tracking). There are various models available in this.

Various ranges of radars available like (Doppler Radar, tracking Radar etc.)

Tracking Radar

Tracking Radar is highly designed mobile system which is mono pulse Doppler radar system that measures in real-time the radial velocity, the range as well as the azimuth and elevation angles of a moving target. The projectile is tracked till its final path and all parameters are measured dynamically.

10 GHz. Radar: BR-1001 Doppler radar Antenna

  • Solid state transmitter and receiver;
  • 5GHz transmitter frequency;
  • Low noise figure receiver (< 3dB);
  • 23 dBi antenna gain;
  • Selectable 0.2W and 2W transmitter output power;
  • Antenna technology based on micro strip flat panels;
  • Lightweight enclosure resistant to dust, dirt and water;
  • Integrated AC-DC power supply;
  • Telescope included for easy alignment;
  • Typical range performance: > 350m on 5.56mm

35 GHz Radar:


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