Angular Measurement System, Vectronix AG, Switzerland

Laying, aligning, orienting are all linked with finding out accurate azimuth angle and bearing. Angular Measurement systems helps in finding out magnetic north as well true north.

Goniolight with gyro:

This compact angulations head has optical encoders for horizontal and vertical angle measurement. It assists the operator with menu prompts and is able to assume the functions of a data terminal. The measured distance (by VECTOR or other LRF), azimuth and elevation are displayed on the graphical LCD, converted into target grid coordinates, stored and forwarded efficiently. Up to four connectors are available for bidirectional communication with radio, command and control system, GPS receiver, gyroscope and external power supply. The GonioLight comprises a DMC, C/A code GPS, horizontal fine drive, MAGVAR World Magnetic Model and UTM grid system.

The Gyro increases the accuracy further and make the system independent of calibration and magnetic field challenges.

Precision Target Location System (STERNA)

Precision Target Location System (STERNA) is very lightweight, easy to carry and deploy, with no extensive efforts required to operate the unit. There are different models available of Precision Target Location System. The man-portable capability of the STERNA enables the soldier to move at the same pace as his dismounted team.