2D Automated Ballooning And Inspection Plan Creation Software, HighQA, USA

Every engineering company deals with 2D Drawings and CAD models. 2D Drawings are either in paper format or drawing format (dwg). Some drawings may be very basic drawings but most of drawings are complicated with multiple dimensions and multiple datum. "Ballooning the drawing with logic" is always a challenge. 2D Automated Ballooning And Inspection Plan Creation Software to eliminate the manual process of specification notations and also create 2D Automated ballooning and reporting from any 2D drawing.

2D Drawing plays extremely important role in every organization like automotive, aerospace, defense etc.

"INSPECTION MANAGER (Quality Management Software) from HighQA, USA"  is a specialized software for automatic ballooning of 2D Drawings and creating Inspection Plan. The input is simply a pdf or image file format and your output will be Ballooned 2D Drawing and its Inspection Plan ready within few minutes. Also other features are like Manage Drawing Revisions, Result Integration, and Tool Management etc.

Geo Informatics provides a very high end industry 4.0 Quality Management Software (QMS Software), for Automatic Ballooning of 2D Drawing , Inspection Plan Generation from Ballooned Drawing, FAI & PPAP report generation, management of inventory of measuring instruments & equipment's, APC analysis, supply chain management and many more.

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Automated ballooning

Eliminate the manual process of specification notations with Inspection Manager's automated ballooning. Now, in a single step, you can create ballooning and reporting from any 2D drawing. Simply import your PDF and Inspection Manager does the rest. Should you wish to modify balloon size, colors or frames, it's easy to do with Inspection Manager's graphic dashboard. Once ballooning is to your satisfaction, generate inspection sheets with the click of a button.

Inspection Plan

After getting your 2D drawing ballooned you can easily get Inspection Plans ready with a single click. Inspection Plan containing dimension number, type of dimension, nominal, tolerance etc.

GD&T automated recognition

Ensure your GD&T specifications are inspection ready; avoid unnecessary plan revisions and re-inspections from miscalculations or incorrect assumptions. Inspection Manager's GD&T automated recognition is one of the many unique features of this high-powered software. Inspection Manager extracts inspection requirements from 2D drawings, converts them to inspection plans and allows you to view and edit on the spot. As a result, you'll reduce your preparation costs, inspection process time and eliminate costly bottlenecks.

Instant reporting with Result Integration

Eliminate manual report preparations and save valuable time! With Inspection Manager, simply import CMM measurements, add inspection results, merge project data then convert it all into industry-standard and fully compliant inspection report forms, including FAI, PPAP and more. What used to require hours of work can now be done in minutes.

Tool Management

Intelligently manage your inventory in a comprehensive database storing tool data, images and other relevant information like price comparisons, purchase orders and calibration schedules. Plus, Inspection Manager will send you alert of upcoming calibration requirements... no more guessing, remembering schedules or downtime from outdated certification.

Drawing Revision

Inspection Manager gives the capability of comparing the drawings to get the Drawing Revision. Within a single view you can see what are the changes in your main drawing and revised drawing. Different colors for common, added and removed dimensions make the 2D drawing more easy to understand and also saves a lot of time in finding the change in revised drawing. Also you can get same balloon numbers for the common dimensions to correlate them with previous drawing.

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